Prof. Jowati Juhary, National Defence University of Malaysia, Malaysia

Jowati Juhary received her PhD in Governance and Development from Monash University, Melbourne Australia, and her first and second degrees from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi Selangor Malaysia. Her research interests include higher education, pedagogy and educational technology, particularly e-learning and simulation for language studies. She is currently involved in two main research projects, military pedagogy and Industrial Revolution 4.0. She has over 12 years teaching experience, and was the former Director of the Language Centre at the National Defence University of Malaysia. She is currently heading the UPNM Press, the publication house of the Defence University.


Assoc. Prof. Alexander Chih-Yuan Mai, San-Ming University, China

Alexander Chih-Yuan Mai is a British citizen originally from Taiwan. Alexander did his undergraduate study at Providence University at Taiwan. He started his postgraduate study firstly at the University at St Andrews where he did a year of postgraduate foundational course, and then he embarked his master’s degree programme at the University of Edinburgh where he read English Literature. After Alexander successfully obtained his MSc from the University Edinburgh, he continued his study at the University of Glasgow where he got his PhD, also in English Literature. As being passionate about Western music theatre and its performance practices, Alexander channeled his personal interest in opera into his academic works. His PhD thesis was therefore focused on the study of English opera libretti, where Alexander read libretto as a stand-alone piece of theatrical writing. After receiving his PhD in 2008, Alexander decided to study classical singing in order to understand opera from a different prospective. He then enrolled in Trinity College of Music, London where he studied classical singing at the postgraduate level. After Trinity College of Music, Alexander taught English at the Docklands College, London for a year. In 2012, Alexander relocated to Weimar, Germany in order to persuade a singing career. For the next five years Alexander has not only sung at some regional opera houses but also touring around Germany with Kammeroper Dresden. His major opera repertoire during this period was Mozart tenor roles. In 2017, Alexander is appointed as associate professor at the School of Foreign Languages, San-Ming University, China.